Sal-sa (살사)

by Suhan posted Apr 06, 2014


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Sal-sa (살사) 

Everyone needs to be identified before they die.

We need to come back to our own spirit(영) to meet the right death.

If the essence of the sprit is not good, it won't come back to your own self (본인자기)


The changed sprite removes brothers' and sisters' close loving relationship and cuts off their coming and going;

it makes them kill each other or pull them apart.

It prevents diseases from recovering completely and makes the money extinct;

it creates family trouble and make them break up.

Vein of water(수맥) in head and thoughts stained with evil sprit (영살) 

the sprit, switched by a flesh gene, comes as vein of water of ghosts

due to the relationship(관계성), it steals your fortune or your mind so nothing works out well.

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